College Profile: The University of Chicago 

The Blurb:  You may know it as a number of things: The US News and World Report’s fifth-ranked college in the nation, an Economics powerhouse, or, if you’re sports-saavy, home of the first Heisman Trophy winner. However, what UChicago is perhaps most known for is it’s uniquely intellectual and demanding environment. The University is famous for it’s eccentric atmosphere, long standing if unusual traditions, and devotion to a holistic, earnest and rigorous education.

The Stats: 

  • Acceptance Rate: 15.8%
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Size: Medium (about 5000 undergrads)
  • Housing: First years are required to live on-campus and housing is guaranteed for four years. Students select one of ten halls, which are themselves split up into Houses—long standing communities of about 50-70 students with their own traditions and House Councils. 
  • Financial Aid: The University meets 100% of demonstrated need with merit aid available for academic achievement.
  • Additional Notes: The University is home to a host of unusual traditions, such as Scav, an annual school-wide scavenger hunt where things are known to get a little insane. One year, university students actually built a breeder reactor in a shed—we can’t make this stuff up.