For the Inner Nerd in all of us: Five  Colleges that Look Like Hogwarts.

We know, with the last movie of the series coming up, there’s been a Harry Potter mania sweeping the country even more than usual. Whether you’re sick to death of it or can’t get enough, take a look at these stunning schools that will definitely satisfy those castle-cravings. 

1. University of Chicago Modeled after Oxford and consistently ranked one of the top ten schools in the country, UChicago is nothing but gorgeous Gothic architecture and incredible views. In addition, UChicago boasts a proud house system—36 Houses named after their original founders, such as Hitchcock, Chamberlin, Alper, etc. Much like the books, your House is who you eat, live, and play IM sports with. As if extra convincing was needed, UChicago’s mascot is a Phoenix. Coincidence? We think not.

2. Yale University There’s a reason Yale is one of the most sought-after schools in the country—in addition to it’s stellar academics, Yale boasts weirdly exciting things like underground tunnels, secret societies, and twelve residential colleges that serve as communities for their fiercely loyal residents. Yale is the third oldest school in the country, which explains the castle-y feel. 

3. Wellesley College This women’s college in Wellesley, MA is known for its beauty—a number of TV shows and movie scenes have been filmed there. Its 500 acre campus includes a private lake (the Black Lake, anyone?) 

4. Cornell University: Also on a remote 745 acres of beautiful campus, Cornell features gorgeous gothic architecture and intense school loyalty. It’s library has been called a “gothic masterpiece” and will certainly bring out those feelings of potter-themed nostalgia during the late night you’ll be sure to spend studying there.

5. Bryn Mawr College Another women’s college, this Philadelphia college has an actual quidditch team, not to mention a Yule Ball. Residence halls boast stained-glass windows and in-room fireplaces. Although they don’t have a house system, intense loyalty can be found in class spirit—each incoming class gets its own color and class adversary, plus a sister class. To top it all off? the school’s mascot is an owl.